Welcome to Better Than Honey, an online platform for anyone identifying as a woman. Better Than Honey celebrates all body types, ethnicities, abilitys and more. Accepting you for who you are. This platform is for anyone wanting to be involved in real, honest, conversations evolving around women. Here you are not expected to be ‘as sweet as’  honey, because you are BETTER. We are more, and we WILL be whatever we set our minds on. Be a part of this community and celebrate female artists, photographers, writers and woman who explore and love themselves and the FEMALE body.

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About Founder 

Hi! I’m Thea Siwale, the founder of Better Than Honey. I am a Photographer and Creative Producer. My work consists of finding the beauty within our flaws and uncovering our insecurities so they are celebrated and not hidden. I created this platform as a space for women to come together and support one another. I hope here you can find a sense of community, while light is being shed onto others like you! If you have any artwork, poems, or stories you want to share, submit them below to be featured; and get in contact for any other enquieries.